A trip to the CASS School of Architecture

8 of November 2014

We went to the CASS School of Architecture in Whitechapel High Street. There we met Aleks who is a Lecture Teacher of Architecture. He was a young guy who took us through the building and showed us the project, the work they make and the places where he teaches and where students learn.


This giant tooth was created from Aleks as part of his Halloween Costume.

PicMonkey Collage 113

These are 2 of the projects that were made from our group members. The white triangle house represents a moment from the life of an Italian gangster. If you are asking yourself why are those two people guarding this house, the answer is in the next picture. But we will give you an answer too: there is a safe that is more worth than £25M of Gold Plates.

The picture on the top right represents a pub with a shiny dancing floor. Can you hear the music?

PicMonkey Collage 3

The first picture gives you an idea of a lighthouse which is now used as a swimming pool. There are so many steps that when you arrive at the top you cannot resist to jump in the water. The second one is just a normal house which doesn’t represent a lot. But the third one is a very creative piece of art… Not even the creator can find the meaning.

Next time…River Boat Tour!


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