River boat tour on a thames Clipper and the walk around Greenwich

PicMonkey Collage

1) Our trip started from Somerset House…. We really suggest you to go on the balcony and enjoy the amazing view.

2) As you can see the weather was great and there is another skyscraper being built.

3) The sun was shining a lot, however it couldn’t stop us from taking a picture.

PicMonkey Collage 1

1) After a walk from Somerset House to SouthBank Centre we found this exhibition called Our City, where young people presented their ideas for the future of London.

2) This is where our journey begins, from the London Eye Pier. We took a Clipper which took us through the river tour. A Clipper is fast boat and the name comes from 17th century when the term “clip” meant “speed”. Also today Clipper is a brand which produces tasty tea. 

3) The last view of Westminster until we came back.

PicMonkey Collage 2

1) HMS Belfast – A huge warship which we are amazed by.

2) The view of the City Hall from the Clipper. This is were the window cleaners train……….

3) This reminded us an older Clipper, you can find it in Greenwich. This Clipper belongs to a rich pirate, who became rich sailing the Seven Seas and finding treasures.

PicMonkey Collage 3

1) We were standing in front of the Queens Anne House and we didn’t take a picture of it………….

2) A picture of the O2 arena with a beautiful skyline.

PicMonkey Collage 4

1) A random picture with an amazing sunset.

2) Bones, sea shells, stones, pieces of glass, sticks: imagine how creative you could be when you have all of this stuff to play with.

3) This time we did this trip together but there are more to come!

Next time: Trip to Museum of London!


2 thoughts on “River boat tour on a thames Clipper and the walk around Greenwich

  1. The bones on Greenwich beach are fascinating and a little disturbing at first.
    One explanation is that they are sheep bones thrown from a kitchen of a hospital which stood here before the Naval College (now Greenwich University). That would make them a few hundred years old.
    Or they have been washed down river from other butchers who used the Thames as a sewer!

    Apparently they have only recently been exposed as there was a thick layer of mud covering them until the clippers started docking here and their powerful engines washed the mud away………
    there are also roof tiles, clay pipes, old bottles… the flotsam and jetsam of London

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  2. The bones were really disturbing at first. The pipes were fascinating, so many; the collection we gathered show all the different parts of the pipes used at the time.


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