Architecture with Amir

Welcome back followers!

Today we want to tell you about the workshop we had with Amir, one of the participants of Invisible Londons since 2009. Amir is a young man who’s studying architecture at university. He is very passionate about it so he wanted to share his skills with us. At the beginning he gave us some instructions:

1) You are allowed only to use papers

2) No glue and no tape permitted

3) You can use colored paper

4) You can create different shapes

5) Take inspiration from the world that surrounds you


We began making shapes and we immediatly realised how easy it is to create with paper.


We started with some simple ideas and then, during the creating process, we added more details, more colors, more levels. It was very interesting to see what we could do just with our hands, and at the first time.


One of the best creations were the pyramid and the circle building which looks like BFI Imax Cinema, the green and white hotel and the house with the heart on top.


In one of these pictures one of buildings is in the shape of the Opera House in Sydney. Can you spot it?


Here is the wonderful result! We didn’t think of creating a city but when we put our creations all together we realized that we had built Pan City!


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