Rome to Albania to London

We are all playing it….

One of our participants introduced us to an intriguing game from Albania. It is full of strategy and cunning, can be exasperating and exciting and the groans and cheers are constant. You have to get your counters in a straight line of three and your opponent is trying to do the same and trying to block yours, like a complex game of noughts and crosses.

We were told it is played everywhere, schoolyard, backyard , indoors and anything can be used as counters from pieces of sweetcorn to coins. It  is called Cicmic (pronounced tsitsmits!) and has become a firm favourite with Fortune and we have shared it already in our Games Barters. We have even invented Human Cicmic!

Then while visiting a Roman reenactment in York we saw a stall where games played in the Roman Army were being demonstrated…..

Yes it is just the same – seems they must have taken it to Albania (or vice versa?).

In the Roman Army it was called Miles and they told us there was a Tudor English version called Nine Men’s Morris (anyone remember the quote from Midsummer Night’s Dream? – where the Nine Men’s Morris was “filled up with mud”).

So this game, like so many, has travelled and now we are having great fun playing it.

Come and learn…..


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