This is an imaginary city where a few people would like to live. This might be a city in the future and it might not be, who knows. This may be a real city in a place where we haven’t been to. It’s characteristics are the curves that make the city look like a park with rides.  

These are some question that people that people will have:

Why should everything be in other shapes except squares or rectangles?

How would people feel if they live in this city?

Would you be afraid to live in a city which is curved? 

How will this city look like in the future?

Do you think this city looks similar to another city that you know?

Here are some examples of buildings which would fit in this city:


The ArcelorMittal Orbit in Stratford: Think of that building or have a look and you will directly be thinking how curvy it is. You will be asking questions like: 

1) who’s idea was it? 

2) why would they make it so curvy? 


Sydney Opera House: That building is so perfect for what it is, but again the questions that comes into our minds are: 

  1. why is it so curvy?
  2. who’s idea was it?
  3. does the shape of the building attract more people?
  4. did they have a purpose? 
  5. does the building interact with what happens in there?


The Gherkin: Some tourists and people living in London have been curious about that building because most of them don’t know what it is. People say that it’s shape is strange and at the same time funny too. Some say it looks like an egg! Those who don’t know what it is they’ve to ask other people questions like:

  1. why the shape of the building looks like an egg?
  2. do people laugh at it or do they get curious?
  3. did they want to make people attracted and curious about the building or it’s built that way because of another purpose?

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