The Shard and The Clink Prison Museum

The Shard:

It was a usual rainy day. We knew that we might not get a very  good view when we get to the top of The Shard. Regardless we were over the moon and there was nothing that could stop us to go further up. There were 2 lifts which were really fast and they went up through 30 floors or more in less than 1 minute. When we got to the top the view was so stunning. The rain was not stoping us from enjoying a breathtaking view of London. The clouds created dark shadows which gave us the illusion on being inside the storm. It was as if we where inside the clouds.

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Clink Museum:

In the first moments that we entered we where overwhelmed with fear and darkness. Entering a prison for the first time was emotional and scary. This was where people died and how they died was inhumane. There were hand locks which were for children, when they did something wrong there hands would be locked for several hours. This was barbaric and we could not understand how people could do this. Over all an interesting journey into the past.

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